Francois Piette a écrit :
>>Well to make it simple :
>>you have a server object (in that case THttpCli).
>>for each Coding way, you have defined a class :
>>TGZipCoding, TMyOwnEncoding, ...
>>then, when configuring your THttpCli component, you call a function to
>>"register" each Coding class :
>>internally, you manage a list of Coding Classes (and objects created at
>>need). then you can call for the coding object when needed.
>>The coding classes could be seen as TComponent's child, in order to be
>>in the palette component and dropped on a form, or mannually (at
>>runtime) added.
> Dropping the component on a form and yet having it registered need a litle 
> bit of work in the Loaded
> procedure. Have a look at RBRoker.pas, TServerObject.Loaded. The line calling
> AddServerObjectWithReference does the work.

hmmm... never meant it would be easy to implement, but to use...

i think that's one of Midware's strength. As the code has already been 
written, it could be possible to use the same design pattern...

the easier part would be then that the settings for each coding class 
would be encircled to the component itself and not its container (the 


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