I looked at the BETAs and it didn't seem like any of them addressed the
issue I was having (according to the comments).

As for putting something immediately into production, sometimes it makes
more sense to do so depending on the problem and the fix. If it is a serious
problem and an easy fix, I would think it would be better to briefly test it
and then put it into production. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I wish I had more time to figure things out and test, but I don't. But I
didn't even see the problem mentioned in the BETA versions, so I hope that
someone will address it. Sorry I am not in the position to do it myself
right now.

Albert Wiersch
AI Internet Solutions

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> Beta are fix proposal waiting to be tested in real worl 
> application. You can't ask to fix something
> "asap" if you don't want to test yourself for the beta. Or do 
> you prefer that I skip beta stage and
> put that code directly in production ? I guess not.
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