Hello Francois,

So madExcept only catches the uncaught exception.
I thought its caught exceptions first. Thanks for the explanation.

Best regards,

Thursday, September 29, 2005, 3:14:44 AM, you wrote:

>> I installed madExcept, and verified it working with a divided by 0
>> exception I created on purpose. It was caught by madExcept. However, the 
>> problem I
>> had in BgException didn't raise any exception that madExcept was
>> able to catch...

> If you catch the exception, then MadExcept will not see it unless
> you call one of MadExcept function
> to generate the report for your handled exception.

> Suince you perfectly know which exception is the problem, for
> testing only, it is easier to simply
> remove that exception handling and have the exception report
> generated by madExcept and then has a
> look at the call stack madExcept record.

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