I am using threaded twsocketserver, and the logic is
similar to ThrdSrv (the example application). There
are about 30 clients connected, and send periodically
1 message until in total about 100 messages. For every
message, the server should retrieve, update, or insert
some data to oracle database. After that, it will send
a reply message to the client. The problem is,
sometimes the message that is received in
OnClientDataAvailable event is not received correctly.
Eg. Client 1 send the 97th message, it will received
and processed correctly. But at 98th message, seem
that it received and processed the 97th message (the
message is exactly different). But after Client 1,
disconnect, socket is closed, reconnect again, and
send the 98th message, it will get it right. This
problem is not happenning everytime, and not every
client have it.
What is wrong ? Thanks for your help.


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