Hello Werner,

You always need a listening socket to accept inbound connections. When a
client connect you accept/dup the client to a data socket. Server stay
listening. You can use a normal TWSocket as server and handle the
creation of data sockets, but then you are just re-inventing
TWSocketServer who does that for you. You can set MaxClients to 2 if

Note that I'm talking about TCP. If you use UDP then you can do listen /
send / receive with only 1 socket. But ICP is reliable the other not.

Rgds, Wilfried

Saturday, October 8, 2005, 10:02, Werner wrote:

> Hi,

> Is it possible to have a socket connection from client to client ?
> Because I need only a 1 to 1 connection, I don't need a server
> socket who is able to have multiple clients comming in.

> Is there a specific whay to have 1 to 1 connection. ?
> Has it any advantages not using serverSocket and only 2
> clients-socket if this is possible

> Thanks 
> Werner

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