On 16-Oct-05 07:29:49 Arno Garrels wrote:

>Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
>> Can you explain what happen?
>> Because you get the loop problem I imagine that your situation is:
>> - the client request an URI
>> - the proxy answer with a 407 code
>> - the client authenticate to the proxy and start the SSL
>> - the remote server answer with a 401 code and close the connection
>> - the proxy close the connetcion too (otherwise you will not get the
>> loop problem)
>> - the client authenticate again on the proxy.
>> Why do you think that the proxy credential will be sent to the remote
>> server?

>It happens only when the SSL is enabled.
>Proxy-states are changed/set OnStateChange when state is httpReady (or so),
>however that event is triggered neither when the handshake starts nor
>when the handshake is done. Possibly logic should be changed to implement
>request CONNECT more as a common request.

I agree with that. ATM I'm quite busy but I'll return on this in a
few days to study the tunnelling topic.

Bye, Maurizio.

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