Hello all,

I have a few questions about what ICS supports and doesn't support:

- Does ICS support Linux (Kylix)?
  There are a few versions of ICS for various versions of Kylix.
  I'm not sure how well ICS works on Linux. I remember seeing
  some discussions regarding the different mechanism of signaling
  and messaging between Windows and Linux. I'm not sure if that
  means that there are still issues?

- Does ICS support FreePascal?
  I saw some sporadic mentioning of FreePascal in ICS archive
  but I didn't get an impression that FreePascal is supported.

The reason I'm asking is that I have a Delphi application that
I have to partially port (or rewrite in C/C++) to Linux and MacOS
(MacOS X and earlier versions of MacOS) Delphi definitely doesn't
do that. I looked at FreePascal and Lasarus. They both claim
to support all of Windows/Linux/MacOS-es. Because the functionality
involves socket, I'm hoping that I can use ICS...

Best regards,

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