Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
> I've finished updating the ICS FTP client and server components to
> support 64-bit streams and thus single files larger than 2 gigs, when
> used with Delphi 6 and later.
> The updated components may be downloaded from:
> until they become available from the ICS site.

Angus, I took a brief look at your code (btw: I couldn't find it in
the new ICS Beta from yesterday).

> Large files can only be used in the client with TFileStream, since
> THandleStream and TMemoryStream don't support sizes larger than 2 gigs,

THandleStream supports it, at least in Delphi 7, TFileStream is derived
from THandleStream.

> and even that would probably cripple windows.  LocalFileName mode
> must be used if resume is needed above the 2 gig boundary, and this
> proved a pain during testing because the integer overloaded Seek seemed
> to be linked rather than int64 version, so I had to code my own Seek64
> function.  

I think it can be simplified, without an own Seek64-function just by
a new custom integer type that would be of Type Int64 in D6 and above.

Arno Garrels
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