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> Hello Francois,
>> Not sure. I think a workstation is limited to a something
>> around one hundred.
> I think this is only the case for win9x+ OS. All NT+ versions are very
> high _if_ limited. Limitations on NT+ workstations are max simultanous
> other workstations who are windows networking, but not pure TCP.
> I think all my server software at customars is on Server OS, but I test
> on my workstations with sometime very huge connections. However I have
> not a tested case at hand at the moment, and it is too long ago to
> recall.
> Next time I have a test case I will publish it here as it is interesting
> for a lot of people.

Yes, a lot of people seem to get confused over a '10 maximum connections 
limit' but this relates only to inbound connections to windows file sharing, 
not tcp/ip connections in general.  I think for sockets you are limited only 
by RAM.


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