I have reworked your component and sample application. I haven't changed any 
feature, just renamed a few things, adjusted source disposition and made a 
separate source.

The source file is VC32\WSocketTS.pas, VC32\WSocketTS.dcr, 
Internet\ThrdSrvV3.dpr, Internet\ThrdSrvV3_1.pas, Internet\ThrdSrvV3_1.dfm.

It is uploaded as part of "last beta" on my website.


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From: "Arno Garrels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: Re: [ICS-SSL] Multi threading test case


> Isn't it better to derive a TWSocketThreadedServer from TWSocketServer by
> adding most of ThrdSrv sample code into the component and then derive
> TSslWSocketThreadedServer from it ?

You were right, it's better to derive a (working) threaded TWSocketServer
first and then derive a SSL version from that component. Included is a 
non SSL component including a demo. It's thread design is 'clients per 
it does not have a real thread pool but acts similar. I used Windows events
for synchronization.
Do you think it's OK as base for the SSL version?
I put the TThrdTWSocketServer in latest WSockets.pas from ICS-SSL V5.
You have to rebuild all in order to install the newcomponent.


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