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Hi Francois,

> > 1)Sometimes all the chain seems to stop communicating.
>Some GUI operation, or some interface component lock up the whole thing. If
>that happend in your environment, you can solve the problem by making all
>communication occur within a worker thread having his owen message pump.
>When you use multithreading with ICS, be sure to either create the ICS
>component within the context of the thread, typically at the beginning of
>thread's execute method. Alternatively, you can call threadetach et
>threadattach to "move" a component from a thread context to another thread

I dropped Indy to avoid the threads nightmare and now you tell me I need 
threads in ICS too?

Ok, let's go with thread :)

> > I set Addr on the client and Address on the server with the IP address of
> > server machine, the Port on same value on both sides: is this enough to
> > make a connection on a LAN?
>For the server (listening) part, you usually set the address to
>which is the default. This makes the component listening on all the
>interfaces. If you setup an IP address, the component listen only from that
>interface. When you use loopback address ( to listen "locally", it
>wont' work with any of the physical interfaces ! That may be your problem.

I'll try in this way.

Thank you very much.
Geppy Piloni

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