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>Hello Geppy,

Hello Wilfried,

>1. 32 KB peak is still low traffic, so (as you also say) it cannot be a
>performance problem. Could be that the stop communictaion when resizing
>a form is a coincidence since you say it stops anyway after a while. I
>never had that problem so difficult to advice.

It could be, but half the times I resize/move/minimize/maximize the windows 
the communication stops immediately.

>I assume that if one application in the chain is stopping that the chain
>is broken and no application will send anymore ? So maybe the problem is
>in only 1 application. Can you try to make just client + server to see
>if same problem arrise ?

Yes, I already tried a simple client/server socket connection cutting 
almost all code not involved in communication, but the problem is the same.
All the Socket communication code is taken directly from your samples 
(, ) as we discussed some days ago in 
this mailing list (thread 'Sending a mix of text and records through 
The only difference is in some new methods added to manage the records 
manipulation and a loop for all connected clients to transmit the data 
through the second WSocketServer to third layer's clients.
The hard thing it that no exceptions at all are raised, I don't understand 
which is the broken ring.
The sockets maintain their connections but no data is transmitted/received.

>If you can make a simple project to demonstrate the behaviour I and
>other can do a test run for debug.

Since they are three different projects and a lot of code, I don't want to 
abuse of your patience.
I'll try first with threads as suggested by Francois and if I'll have no 
luck, I'll post the code here.

Thank you very much Wilfred.

Geppy Piloni

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