> We could add a new property LocationChangeMaxCount with a default 
> value of let's say 5 (as suggested by RFC1945 section 9.3) and an new 
> event OnLocationChangeExceeded taking as arguments the sender, the 
> current count (RelocationCount), and as a var argument, defaulting to 
> FALSE, a boolean allowing to continue relocation (Let's call it 
> AllowMoreRelocation). When no more relocation is allowed, the request 
> end with a 311 status code and "Too many relocations" reason phrase.
> Anyone willing to implement that ?

I'll look at this, since it's a problem with a site on one my web site 
links pages, I found it using a simple link checker application.

Am I right in thinking the HTTP compression stuff has not yet made it 
into a released ICS?  

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