> I wonder if we shouldn't simply push the compression code into that 
> beta. This is probably the only way to have people really testing it 
> (well beside pushing it into the release).

I suspect many developers, including myself, use the 'beta' as their 
working version of ICS in live applications, and expect major changes to 
have been properly tested for backward compatibility before being 
released, effectively alpha testing.  Unfortunately such alpha testing 
does not seem to be done by all ICS developers, so things get broken. 

Of the two pending beta components, I found MimeDec to cause one of my 
applications to no longer decode the last attachment part of email, and 
HttpProt is hard to test because the developer is expected to supply 
their own ZLIB compression code (use of a DLL is unacceptable for a 

I'm vaguely planning on adding ZLIB compression to the FTP client and 
server (which FileZilla supports) and that will need a proper ZLIB 
components using C OBJ files, once that is done HttpProt can use the 
same stuff. 


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