>>> To store or send component data I use XML format.
>> Why not using a simple INI file for storage ?
>> For large data, it can simply be mapped into a SQL table.
> Current state is..
> A base component w/o any storage methods.
>>From that base I derived two more components,
> one that writes binary to a stream/file and one
> that uses XML (conditional compilation).
> Isn't a tree-structure hard to write to an
> INI file? Actually a user group as well as a user
> may have arbitrary parameters which are derived
> TCollection items as well (properties Name: string
> DataType: Enum; Value: string).

If you need concurrent process reading/writing the tree stored in INI file, 
then yes it is not so easy. But it is very easy for just write the tree to 
the INI file and reload it later. You can simply traverse the tree, 
expanding each node until their leaf and write everything in a single 
section in the INI file. The keys in the section coudl simple be the path in 
the tree. Reloading is also very simple. The keys would looks like the 
output of a "dir /b/s" and the values associated with the key would be the 
data stored as a string.

> Actually I'm busy with ICS-SSL so I had no time to
> continue the usermanager.

Perfect. ICS-SSL has higher priority of course.

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