> How do i handle phpbb forums with httpcli? I tryied to login from
> other browser and then to set the cookie as it is in the browser,
> but it doesnt work... could anybody help me?

Yes of course. But you should tell what doesn't work, what error message you 
have and so on. Just telling "it doesn't work" is not enough.

It would probably help if you use a kind of sniffer to compare the requests 
sent by a broser and the request you forged and send with the HTTP 
component. Use Ethereal or SocketSpy or anything else similar. Links on the 
"links" page at my website and also on the "UserMade" page.

> I wouldlike to login to the forum and be able to stay
> logged in so i could search the forums

Unless the forum use client side scripting, it is perfectly doable with ICS 
HTTP client component.

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