Francois Piette a écrit :
>>Hi, i'm using just client and server components, and I need to build a
>>client in linux, but withou kylix. There is a way to listen ICS
> Do you mean you have a Windows client application using ICS and you want a 
> server application
> running on Linux, written in a language which is not Kylix and the question 
> is: Can my server
> application on Linux be used by my client application on Windows ? The answer 
> is: Yes !
> ICS is just object encapsulation of TCP/IP protocols. It remains TCP/IP and 
> is completely
> interoperable with anything else "speaking" TCP/IP.

i think he means to build an application on Linux using something like 
FreePascal and may be would like to know if ICS is able to be used on 
Linux under FreePascal.

This, i'm not sure about...


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