>> Something like (just typing out of my head, not tested):
>> HttpCli1.URL := 'http://www.overbyte.be';
>> HttpCli1.RcvdStream := TFileStream.Create('overbyte.html',
> fmCreate);
>> HttpCli1.Get;
>> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Free;
>> HttpCli1.RcvdStream := nil;
> Sounds cool but... if the file is being downloaded from forum... i
> wouldlike to recive its name and save under the name given by
> server... any idea how?

A HTTP server do no send filename. It even has no filename at all. In HTTP 
speaking, you have documents and you have URL (that is the address of a 
document). The best you can do is extract a document name from the end of an 
URL but since there are "default document", the URL may lack it.

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