David Rose wrote:
> Am I correct in thinking that the SMTP client component does not support 
> natively sending mail using MX records ?

Yes.  As you point out, it is an SMTP client component, and as such 
connects to a specified SMTP server.  Performing direct connections to 
recipients' servers is the job of an SMTP server.

> In other words if I want to send mail using MX records I'd have to do a 
> DNS lookup on the recipients email address then connect to that server 
> using the SMTP client component, send the email, disconnect and then 
> repeat for any other TO, CC or BCC addresses ?

Yes.  But be aware that many ISPs do not allow direct connections from 
unknown SMTP clients/servers.  In particular, you must make sure that 
your IP address is not dynamic, and that your domain's DNS has a correct 
PTR record for enabling reverse-DNS lookups, otherwise they will assume 
you are a spammer and deny connections from you.

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