Persian Patient a écrit :
> Dear Francois PIETTE ,
>   Hello , I have to send series of images one by one and receive this images 
> in other side . it will looks like Video in receiver side .
>   and another question is about send live webcam video using ICS , how can I 
> send live webcam video over the network using ICS ? ( for video conference 
> project )

As i'm almost in the same case, i will try to answer to you :
although i'm not "sending" the images, just receiving them in a stream...

on server side, the best is to send images through a continuous stream. 
But for each image, specify a delimiter.

On your client side, as you receive data, try to store it in a buffer 
until you find the delimiter. Then you can reconstruct your image and 
manipulate it. Then again, you receive the stream, store it until you 
find a new delimiter, and so on...

in my case, i'm receving pictures from a http stream. The http stream is 
built using the following pattern :
Content-type: image/jpeg\r\n
Content-length: 20425\r\n
<image data for 20425 bytes length>\r\n

the advantage using such a protocol is that you can mix textual data and 
binary data (which is very helpful when debugging ;) )


Best regards,


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