Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>>> Would be interesting to have output to system log and application
>>> log.
>>> Do you mean Windows eventlog?
>> Indeed.
> I would avoid putting debug events in the existing logs, many
> applications interrogate them for unusual errors and they are often
> large enough already.
> But we could create a specific ICS log and write events there, that can
> be viewed by normal windows event log tools.  The major downside is you
> really need an error DLL containing the literals for the event log, even
> if it's a blank mask, otherwise the viewer will complain it can not find
> the DLL.

You do not necessarily need a resource DLL, in my NT services I compile in
a one-line string resource, and set key EventMessageFile to my application
EXE path, also key TypesSupported to "7" under
It's probably similar when GUI applications shall write to the eventlog w/o
an extra DLL?

> Angus
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