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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Two ICS HTTP code against each other and 10048 error

>> The error does not occur when launching the two listening sockets. It is
>> during a HTTP client stress test from,
>> Socrates Web Tester ---> Load Balancer ---> Web Server
>> after a few hundred normal requests, the load balancer's HTTP connection
>> to
>> the web server returns 10048 error. So it is not the listening socket
>> giving
>> the 10048, it is the client socket.
> You mean the error occurs in THttpCli.SocketDNSLookupDone on the line 
> having
> FCtrlSocket.Connect ?
> If so, then it is somewhere in TCustomWSocket.Connect. Which winsock call
> fails there ?

Yes it is in the connection routine. Today I need to prepare a presentation 
for school but as soon as I find time I will try to debug (if it is possible 
to see from the call stack in OnRequestDone, I can only see the error 

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