I  am  starting  a  re-write  one of my ICS-based server to be able to
handle   15.000   permanent  cnx  smoothly.  The  datas  Clients  will
send/receive will be only 2KB packets time to time.

As  Windows OS is limited with sockets and handle (whenever you can do
some tricky changes in registry) I have decided to split connections.

Now I am wondering which solution could be the best :

-  Multiple  concentrators  that accept between 2000/5000 connections,
each  concentrator  (quite  simple small application) will do only one
connection  to  Main server that use SQL database (MySQL for example).
If  main server is down users are still connected to concentrator that
will notify users and wait until server is up again without.

-  Multiple  Servers accepting 2000/5000 connections each, each server
connect  to  SQL  datbase. When there is a server maintenance, it will
drop  down  all user's the client application will try reconnect until
server is up again.

Both  solution permit to split data traffic across switched network so
it will lower general bandwidth.

I  think  I  will  use  MySQL  that should be enought and will have to
manage 1 or 10 max connections at same time dependig if I choose first
or second solution.

First  solution may permit smoother server updates as client part stay
always  connected to concentrator and it's concentrator that will keep
connection to main server.

Do you have any idea/advice ?


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