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> I'm using current version of the ICS-SSL distribution and I'm testing
> with the official demo application having SSL enabled.

This should definitely be fine...

> I changed and tested different shutdown procedures in WSocket.pas
> (SSL-specific shutdown in combination with socket shutdown).
> In some cases it happened that the shutdown didn't work correctly on
> the server side (SessionClosed wasn't fired) when a client disconnected
> successfully, my fault. However disconnecting all clients on the server
> manually by Menu | Disconnect all, or restarting the server disconnected
> the clients successfully. But I think the error didn't disappear.
> But I may recall that wrong, and will keep an eye on it.

If On SessionClosed isn't fired, then Pasv-Ports will run out.

But I had a closer look at TFTPServer.Disconnect(All) - and you're correct, 
there is a potential situation where PASV-Ports could be burned (for a 
client if a PASV-command is issued, the Data-connection is not (yet) made 
and before the PASV-Data-Connection comes in Disconnect/All is called (or 
simply the command channel is closed)).

In TFTPServer.WMFtpSrvClientClosed() the following two lines have to be 
added, best would be just before FClientList.Remove(Client);

--> 2 lines
                if Client.PassiveMode then // FLD 17.1.06

--> enter before

Peter Feldbaumer
p dot feldbaumer at utanet dot at 

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