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From: "Arno Garrels" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> BTW: FreeCurrentPasvPort is called multiple times in most cases, doesn't 
> hurt,
> but's not very nice.

That's true - however all calls do have their reason - (just like the one 
call to FreeCurrentPasvPort we just added (won't be needed except for some 
very special case - and therefore will be a redundant call for all other 
cases) - problem is that there are so many possible states of the 
state-machine, and we have to cover all possiblities...

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From: "Francois Piette" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> ICS-beta and ICS-SSL are at the same level on my website and include
> eveything you sent to me (and yes I made a mistake in the merge process 
> and
> it was corrected and annouced quickly).

I didn't mean your one real small mistake ;) (no offense meant!) - I was 
just asking Arno because he is working on SSL and therefore might be using 
some "meta"-version which he could've merged himself...
Peter Feldbaumer
p dot feldbaumer at utanet dot at

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