> The DLL has a data module which has one single TWSocket for all incomming data
> and for each outgoing connection a TWSocket is created dynamically. The 
> instance of this
> socket is stored in a TObjectList together with other relevant information.
> When the first connection is opened a seperate thread within the DLL is 
> created for handling
> of the windows messages (needed by TWSocket and other components as well).

You must use TWSocket.ThreadAttach to bind a TWSocket to a thread different 
from the one which has
created the socket. You must call ThreadDetach before terminating the thread of 
freeing the
component. It may be easier to create and free the component within the 
thread's context, that is
within thread's Execute method.

When using a DLL, pay attention to memory allocation/deallocation (Use 
ShareMem). Also pay attention
to the fact that whan not using runtime packages, a component of the same class 
in the main program
and in the DLL is in fact two different components ! (Is and As operators do 
not work as expected at
first glance, casting is very dangerous).

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