Hello Markus,

Why do you use one thread per socket ? TSWocket is event driven so you
can connect to 500 servers if you want within same thread.

For polling messages, if you .mulithread:=true then the TWSocket will
create its own message queue.

HM> Hello,

HM> to the socket hanging on close.
HM> There are different threads involved.

HM> The communication dll has one thread which only polls messages.
HM> That one shouldn't be the problem.

HM> The dll using that communication dll has one thread per socket
HM> (max. at most 10). Freing the socket is requested by this dll 
HM> when it's execute method terminates.

HM> So I don't think I need threadattach in the communication
HM> dll. Shared Mem is not used because so Strings are used. All params
HM> passed between these dlls are either numbers or pchars (which get copied to 
HM> strings internally).

HM> So whare's the problem with my approach? Only TWSocket.close seems to hang.
HM> I will test a bit more now, maybe I find a solution but I don't know
HM> what causes the hang. But normally the sequence
HM> TWSocket.close;
HM> TWSocket.Free;

HM> is okay to terminate and release it?

HM> Greetings

HM> Markus

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