> >> Humm, Markus wrote:
> >>> The dll using that communication dll has one thread per socket
> >>> (max. at most 10). Freing the socket is requested by this dll
> >>> when it's execute method terminates.
> >> 
> >> And the socket has been _created in method execute as well?
> >> How do you achieve that client sockets run in the client thread
> >> if not using ThreadAttach/ThreadDetach?
> >> 
> > 
> > Hm, no it is created before execute. And no thread 
> attach/detach is used.
> If so, your sockets are never executed in the other 
> thread-context, but all
> in the listener-thread. 
> > It works so far until the point when I try to close it.
> Yes because you don't need threads with ICS :) you can easily exchange
> data with multiple concurent at the same time.

Yes I can, I know. But that doesn't multiply my capacity for simultaniously 
processing the packets. I split it up into this threaded scenario because
data processing of the data sent and received might get lengthy. Esp. on the 
sitting above that.


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