Markus Humm wrote:
> Hello,
> given a program which uses several sockets for several connections
> simultaniously. The responses from these connections (assume a 100 BMit
> LAN and about 10 connections) occur assynchronically, all sockets have
> been created by the main program.
> What if one of these sockets has lengthy things to do in its receive
> handler?
> Does it block all others because all have been created in the
> same thread? 

If a lengthy operation is blocking yes, it will block the other sockets
in the same thread as well. An operation is blocking if no messages are
being processed while it executes.

But, for instance 10 instances of Twsocket can download or upload each
a 100 MB file at the same time.  

Means for socket i/o threads are not necessary but if you want to sleep ;)
or maybe execute a lengthy SQL put that stuff in a thread and then send the
result when the thread has finished.

> or do these events still occur to the other sockets as
> well, enabling them to do also lengthy processing? (means do they really
> run in paralell independant from each others?)

> Greetings
> Markus
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