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> Hello Guillaume,
> Until know what I use to do is to create a worker thread and send jobs
> (with  pointer  to  socket  client object) and then worker send back a
> message  to socket thread with pointer of data to send back to client.
> So all socket things is done from same thread.
> Dettaching  clientsocket  from  socket thread to attach it into worker
> thread when starting lenghty operation is something I never did.

What you're doing is transfering a socket from main thread context to your work 
thread context.
My purpose is not the following. What i mean is executing all the SQL stuff 
within the thread,
and the connection stuff within the main thread. When i meant "attaching the 
socket" it was not using the MultiThread
property or the De/AttachThread methods. i just meant attach the socket 
reference in order to be used in the OnThreadTerminate 
event (which is in the main thread).

> I have one question regarding this... if some socket event come during
> the  lengthly operation (OnDisconnect or OnDataAvailable for example),
> will  they  be  triggered  during  operation or only at end of it ?
> If  socket is MultiThread:=true it should use its own message queue so
> react  instantly whenever the thread it is attached into is busy isn't
> it ?

if my purpose was to use socket within a thread context, this should be, yes, a 
constraint to take into account.
The design i provided in the first mail is meant precisely not to bother with 
such constraints.

 From Bjornar suggestion, if the client connection is closed, then all that has 
to be done is to stop/terminate the worker 
thread if active.



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