Sorry, port 22 is the standard port for the data channel.


Arno Garrels wrote:
> Hello,
> TFtpCli requires the same firewall settings as any other
> FTP client. What kind of firewall do you mean? Proxy
> or NAT? Usually on NAT, if port 23 is blocked for incomming
> data passive mode might work.
> Tweaking the firewall settings during the installation is
> a rather bad idea, though I've been told that some applications
> do it nevertheless.
> Arno Garrels
> Jean-Paul Passama wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have made a program which send datas (text file) using a FTPClient. It
>> works fine but on many users'computer, the firewall forbid the datas to
>> be sent.
>> These users are old persons who are enable to check the firewall. So I
>> am looking about a way to by-pass this difficulty, maybe something to do
>> in the installation time, or maybe using Internet Explorer to send
>> datas...
>> Do you encounter this problem ? And how do you solve it ?
>> Thanks
>> Jean-Paul Passama
>> Brdge+
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