The idea is to build a wiki first and then export the content to other 
The wiki is on the way ( Currently it is almost 
empty except a few templates and test a small group of volunteers have 
setup. Anyone is welcome of course. There is a dedicated mailing list to 
work on the wiki. We curently discuss how to have it organized. We selected 

Wiki edit permission is given only to identified and selecte peoples. If you 
like to help, please contact me.


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> Hello all,
> It's good to see the idea of an ICS Help File gaining momentum. I'm 
> indebted
> to Francois for the number of years that I have used his components and
> would love to give something back. It will be a long-term project and
> keeping up the momentum I suspect will be the problem.
> Personally, I much prefer a well-indexed CHM file to any other form. One 
> of
> my big concerns with a free form wiki solution is that I fear the lack of
> any form of uniformity will render the final document somewhat confusing 
> to
> new ICS users; the very ones who need a help file the most.
> Here is my 2 cent suggestion:
> STEP 1
> I'm reasonably sure there are one or two share/free-ware tools that will
> take a .PAS component file and produce a standard skeleton in a format 
> like
> the Delphi help file(s). I.e. producing a section for each component with
> links to "Properties", "Methods", "Events" and "Examples".
> STEP 2
> Having semi-automatically produced an 'empty' help file for each 
> component,
> we make the latest (read live) version available online. Users are invited
> to then use the wiki system (or something else) to submit their
> contributions to fill in one or more of the 'blanks'. For example, I am
> (becoming) quite familiar with UDP multi-casting usage of the TWSocket. I
> might therefore contribute entries for each of the multi-casting related
> properties as well as a few basic examples.  A guru on a particular
> component, say the HTTP client, might want to contribute more generalised
> info, which could go into a notes section etc.  I'm sure you get the idea.
> STEP 3
> Some kind sole updates the skeleton help file periodically 'pasting' in 
> the
> contributed text, recompiling the help file and uploading it to the
> web-site.
> Ah what the heck, let's make it a nickel; here is another 3 cents worth...
> What I like about the above is that firstly users are being asked to
> contribute 'very small segments', in a format that everybody is familiar
> with. This not just looks, but is quick and easy to contribute.
> Not being familiar with what would be involved in the wiki to CHM
> conversion, I am happy to look at writing a "Delphi" tool which 
> would/could
> act as a pop3 client and 'paste' incoming e-mail contributions directly 
> into
> the .CHM source. I.e. the contributor simply sends an e-mail to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the help text in the body and a somewhat simple
> predefined subject:
> Subject Examples:
>  "component=TWSocket, property=MultiCastIpTTL"
>  "comp=smtpcli event=onresponse"
>  "component := thttpcli example"
>  "component=thttpcli notes"
> Other more fancy options could be specified like on the first line etc:
>  "CONTRIBUTER=Fred Smith"
>  "contributor=Tom Jones {tom at jones dot com}
> Literally, someone can shoot off an entry in three or four minutes. No
> learning how to drive some wiki wacky web program <grin>. Seriously, I 
> think
> very few non waki people would bother. I say this mainly due to the "Round
> Tuit" problem we all encounter from time to time.
> Like a few others, I can also contribute web hosting, space is not a
> problem, but I'd have to look and see how much of my traffic allowance I 
> am
> using.
> Regardless of implementation method, I hope we can persuade Francois to 
> put
> a message and http address into the source files like "For help file on 
> this
> component, go to";
> If there is positive feedback on the POP3 suggestion and someone has a 
> help
> tool like I've described and can send me an empty skeleton for an ICS (or
> other) component, I will seriously look into the feasibility of writing 
> the
> POP3 tool. (If you can produce the skeleton, let me know here and I'll 
> post
> a temporary e-mail address).
> Regards,
> Paul Taylor  {Affordable Technology - Perth}
> p.s. I have done my damndest to send this as plain text, M$ Outlook says 
> it
> is at the top yet I can format text like it was html - thanks Bill?
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