Hello Angus,

Can you explain why you need to so ? Why dup ? Just for me to
understand if you usage may be one I may need sometime.

>> > Can I get the IP address of an incoming TCP/IP session
>> > before accepting it, so I can ignore it?
>> You can't.
>> You have to accept the incomming connection, get the remote IP and 
>> then, if you decide to, abort it.

ARMSL> OK, so I accept the connection into a temporary TWSocket, get the IP 
ARMSL> address and then decide which permanent TWSocket I want to use and Dup 
ARMSL> the handle.  How do I then 'undup' the handle so I can free the 
ARMSL> temporary socket without closing the connection?  

ARMSL> This application listens on multiple ports for TCP or UDP connections, 
ARMSL> when it finds TCP from an expected IP addresses it allocates them to a 
ARMSL> previously created TWSocket.  

ARMSL> Angus

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