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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Any BCB users out there?

> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>> I use BCB6 and BDS2006, but I haven't yet ventured down the path of
>>> installing any of the latest releases.  However, it's something I'm
>>> considering doing within the next month or so (depending on availability
>>> of my time).
>> I think you might face the same problems that I face when you upgrade to
>> the latest version.
> Using BDS2006, I built the Delphi package, then in the Linker options I
> checked "Generate All C++Builder Files" and rebuilt all. That way the ICS 
> components become available on the Tool Palette in both personalities.
> I dropped a THttpCli on a form of a newly created BCB VCL project and
> compiled it w/o any problem.

As I wrote earlier, my order of BFS2006 Pro has not yet been delivered to 
me. I am using BCB6Pro. Please retry with BCB6. I am 100% sure not all of 
BCB users will update to BDS2006 soon.



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