Arno Garrels wrote:

> I don't like current implementation due to its hardcoded KeepAliveTime.
> If I understand the M$ docs well, the default KeepAliveTime is 7200000
> msec. In previous ICS versions keep-alives have been enabled but only with
> global system values (means KeepAliveTime & KeepAliveInterval have not
> been set explizitly). I will make the keep-alives optionally in TWSocket
> today.

Uploaded a modified WSocket.pas with new properties:

KeepAliveOnOff (wsKeepAliveOff, wsKeepAliveOnCustom, wsKeepAliveOnSystem)
Default = wsKeepAliveOnSystem //for backward compatibility
property KeepAliveTime : Integer
property KeepAliveInterval : Integer

> ---
> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>> Thanks
>> grs
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