Hi Arno Garrels,

>> I still haven't got your configuration and the
problem completely.
>> As far as I understand the FTP server in question
>> is listining on port 5014.
>> It has active connections downloading files, but
one of your clients
>> gets a 10061 when it tries to connect, is that

What you have understood is correct. But just this is
not the odd behaviour. I have another FTP server
listening at 5011 on the same machine where 5014 is
listening. The funny thing is that the problematic
client which has two FTP Clients conneted at 5011 and
5014 can send files to the FTP server at 5011 but not
at 5014 ?

Further Clarification if required only:
You may wonder why I am using two FTP Servers. As I
have mentioned earlier I have the MyNode.exe which
works at port 5011 on all 5 machines, therefore each
machine has a FTP server listening at 5011 and a FTP
Client sending at port 5011. Whereas MyServer.exe is
required only for the UserInterface rarely and this
had FTP Server on port 5014. 
My Application is for Automatic backups and the
backups are stored from each machine on to any
selected machine/s. 


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