Hello Francois,
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> Subject: Re: [twsocket] BDS2006 & C++Personality = ERROR
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> Use ICS V5 BETA with BDS2006/C++.
> V6 has not been validated yet with BDS2006/C++.
you're right! I've just downloaded, installed, compiled the ICS V5 beta, 
and everthing at fist look
"seems to be fine". It's my fault: but I wasn't able to find any info 
regarding the not-validation phase for the V6 to BDS2006/C++...
>> Ambiguity between 'HWND' and
>> 'Overbyteicstypes::HWND'
>> Any ideas?
> I think some conditional compilation is needed to solve this problem. Not 
> sure. I had no time to dig into this problem yet. Of course you are welcome 
> to solve it.
> http://www.overbyte.be
Now I'm dealing with the porting of ALL the BCB6 apps I've made into 
At the end of this phase, I'll try to have a look to this problem.
Thanks for your support, and also to SZ.

Luca Centimeri
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