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>>>> My applications all use the MLSD directory stuff,
>>> Are those commands supported by most servers today?
>> All except for Microsoft I think, while each new HTTP server in IIS is a
>> major step forward, the IIS FTP server is still pretty pathetic in terms
>> of modern commands, no SSL and only integrated security.
>> But my only applications with the ICS FTP server are for use with my own
>> clients.  A public FTP server needs a lot of security and stuff to be
>> safe, I'm not planning on offering one.
> We have been supporting MLSD/MLST before ICS began doing so. Angus is
> right about security as NETFile server FTP part was on bugtraq a few
> times. Thank God it is no longer vulnerable--at least to those in Bugtraq
> and Vulnerability Watch.

I don't understand, why should MLSD/MLST be more unsecure than LIST?

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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