>> There is a Kylix version available from http://www.overbyte.be.
>> It is slightly different than the windows version since Linux
>> doesn't support the same asynchronous
>> programming model. Async operation has been implemented using 
>> multithreading.
> I think Linux also supports async sockets using select. It is not
> the same as on Windows (message-based) but as far as I know you don't
> have to use multi-threading. As a matter of fact Windows also supports
> the BSD sockets that works on Unix/Linux. ICS uses WinSock, not the
> BSD socket API though. If ICS used BSD socket API, it won't take much
> work porting it to Linux. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Select is the worst way to do async socket I/O. It is not scalable at all. 
You can select at most something like 64 sockets. This is defenitely not the 
way to go, at least in the Windows environment. Beside not being scalable, 
select is blocking by nature. This is very annoying under both Windows and 
Linux OS.

Anyway, we are not here to discuss the Linux implementation. You have to 
take ICS/Linux as it is or don't take it at all.

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