I just downloaded the ICS ver 5 a few mins ago, I compiled it under BDS2006 
using bcb2006 with the updated patch.  I compiled the example httptst to see if 
it could go to a webpage that required a username and password.  When i ran the 
program (get button), this is the error message that i get.
  RequestDone Error = 11001
GET Failed !
StatusCode   = 404
ReasonPhrase = can't resolve hostname to IP address
  //------------------- code -------------------------//
  HttpCli1->URL        = ";
  HttpCli1->Password = "pass";
HttpCli1->Username = "user";
//------------------- code -------------------------//
  even if i try a google address to se if it works, i still get the same error.
  If I click on the "head button", the program seems to go to the internet then 
to retrieve the details of the webpage.  But the get button does nothing but 
produce an error message.
  I hope I go all the  details in here.
  I searched online in the searchable faq to see if others were having the same 
problems as me, and I noticed that others were having the problem.  I don't 
know if it got fixed since I didn't read through the few hundred messages that 
  Hopefully someone can help me with this problem, I really want to get this to 

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