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> Hiya,
> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>> The problem in v6 under C++ is OverbyteIcsTypes defines the Windows
>> constants once again for just clarity reasons under Delphi and this 
>> annoys
>> the C++ compiler.
> From a quick look, isn't the problem "simply" that WINSOCK2.H declares
> these using #define's, while the OverbyteIcs*.hpp declares them as
> static const?
> Would it be feasible to have a #define that caused these "static const"
> definitions not to be made?
> Or is the problem more complex than that?

It seemed more complex to me as the ICS units call the functions in the 
OverbyteICS* defs. It is not just some variables, there is also function 
declaration problem! I offered Francois to eliminate the 
Overbyteicstypes.pas file which seems to be the only solution but he refused 
saying there must be another way. If you look at the hpp files, you will see 
"using namespace overbyteicstypes" which makes everything global and causes 
the problem!



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