Francois PIETTE a écrit :
>> Yop ! it works ! Thanks a lot François !
> I don't know your application, but maybe the template feature would be 
> interesting for you. It is very powerful. For a demo, see 
> TWebServForm.CreateVirtualDocument_Template.
> The principle is simple: you prvide a HTML template with special tags. Those 
> tags are replaced by values computed by your program. This way you can 
> separate presentation (the HTML) from the code which produce data values. 
> Very powerful and easy to use.

The thing is that i'm not using the webserver as a "HTML provider" but much 
more like a HTTP provider.
I'm sending and getting back XML files using a http server.

i needed a convenient way to do the following :
the client part of my application needs to send xml request. Some requests are 
sent through the internet to a PHP/MySQL http 
server that sends back a xml result.

The thing is that this application might be run also in a "standalone" mode. 
that's why, instead of having several client 
interface, i have added to the client application a small http server that is 
used to handle all the requests...

much easier way to proceed :)

but thanks for the hint !


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