> > If so it's my end ;( Where can I find infos, please?
> > Btw: Wilfried's class isn't an interactive service by default.
> I've read it a few times on the borland.delphi newsgroups.
> For what I remember, Vista will have a much stronger security and for 
> that it wont allow any kind of direct interaction with a service.
> So communication has to go thru other IPC's like pipes, mailslots. 
> Tcp ...

There is nothing complicated about messages in most services 

The standard Borland service unit runs a perfectly normal application 
message pump, and you can drop event drive components like ICS, timers, 
etc, onto the form and they just work, and you can post message to the 
form handle.  

I've used Wilfried's class for a recent project upgrade to avoid 
maintaining two separate applications.  I did change it slightly since I 
don't want services running interactively, or at least I now have the 
same application running in the service and visible windows 
communicating with wsocket and socket server.  

And I've also tested it in Vista already.  

The main problem with Vista is going to be that even if you are logged 
on as administrator, applications are generally run without 
administrator rights.  This causes lots of problems, for instance you 
can only install a service as an administrator, access the HLM keys ad 
admin, etc.  

There is a right menu option to run a program as an administrator, but 
then you can not pass command arguments.  You can set the properties on 
a short cut to run as administrator, but you don't want to do that for 
install programs.  So installing services is going to be fun under 
Vista.  You can also supposedly set a manifest to run as admin, but it 
does not seem to work, nor do numerous Control Panel applets which lack 
admin rights, but Vista is still an early beta, many things are still 

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