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Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

NeiSep wrote:
> But hmm i test to create several TWSocket but that wont work i don't get
> the reading part to work correctly.
> To be spefic then i need a software that connects to over 200 hubs not
> at once but say maybe 10 or 20 hubs at once hubs is servers on Direct
> Connect.
> So thats what i really need and everyhub sends me information and i send
> some to the hub and so on.
> But i seems to not get the connection at the same time to work it
> connects after another one disconnect.
> Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>> i just want to know if someone got a simpel exampel of a threading
>>> application that could connect to several servers at once?
>> Please describe your needs a little bit more because you don't need
>> multithreading to connect simultaneously to several servers using ICS.
>> Thanks to his asynchronous mode.
>> Just drop several compopent in your form and start each one with a
>> different server. Fully use the events to execute your code.
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