When I go with debugger, it gives no exception. So IMO, this is a 
synchronization problem.

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: Fastream Technologies wrote:
: > Please realize the async nature of the SELECT. Is there any way we
: > change this to SYNC because it ruins synchronization.
: AFAIK winsock API function WSAAsyncSelect() is a common, blocking
: function. In this case it's called to disable winsock notifications.
: Because the window is detached/destroyed in subsequent lines.
: BTW: Same is done in V5.
: So for a short while the detached socket is windowless, that's
: why I suggested to wait w/o processing messages until it is
: attached again (not nice but worked for me). Haven't we talked
: about the same problem in the SSL-list some months ago?

I really do not remember. Perhaps I did not see it. Could you advise a 
solution for this?



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