Hi Peter

Thank you for your reply

Last paragraph in text file you sent me may be my problem.

You wrote
(If you decide to use non-blocking sockets in your application, it’s 
important to keep in mind that you must check the return value from every 
read and write operation, since it is possible that you may not be able to 
send or receive all of the specified data. Frequently, developers encounter 
problems when they write a program that assumes a given number of bytes can 
always be written to, or read from, the socket. In many cases, the program 
works as expected when developed and tested on a local area network, but 
fails unpredictably when the program is released to a user that has a slower 
network connection (such as a serial dial-up connection to the Internet). By 
always checking the return values of these operations, you insure that your 
program will work correctly, regardless of the speed or configuration of the 

There is no problem on our network and most of our customers. I understand 
from your reply
4096 (for example) bytes of read buffer may not filled completely by client 
data. or write buffer may not
filled completely by server data. Variable to network speed. If so how can I 
handle this situation from ICS

Ercan POLAT 

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