Hi again,

    I get the "can't resolve hostname to IP address" message (probably through 
ShowMessage or similar) in the situation bellow detailed. Believing it's an ICS 
related message I searched in the files within the ICS directory and found no 
ShowMessage or whatsoever that could explain the normal popup message above. 
That's when I decided to ask for your guys help. Following is the situation 
that generates the given message:

    The client is connected to the server normally. He gets data from the 
server all fine. Then when the information he wants is all downloaded he 
purposely pulls out the network cable from his computer (don't know why he does 
that) disconnecting him entirely from the server and internet. Moments later he 
gets a message with the error "can't resolve hostname to IP address". He clicks 
"OK" and then the message is closed. However, moments later the message 
reappears and forever goes on like that.

    Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Marcelo Grossi
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