Arno Garrels wrote:
> Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
>> The basic POST works now - I can submit data to a form.  But, I can't
>> begin to get my head around the things involved in posting images to
>> the application.  I understand that I need to post it as a multi-part
>> form with a suitable separator for the parts, then set the correct
>> MIME type and content type, and encode the data.
>> Has anyone tried this?  Is there some sample that I could refer to?
>> (I'm using BC++ Builder 5 right now)
> If think there's an example written in Delphi on the User Made page on
> the ICS homepage, search for HTTPCLIEXAMPLE.ZIP.
Hi Arno,

Thanks for the link - I just downloaded the application and now looking 
through the source code.  I guess I'm just going to revisit some of my 
Delphi programming and convert it back to C++


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