> I reworked the streams stuff in both FTP C/S today and
> fixed some bugs, everything was tested sucessfully with
> 64-bit streams. There's only one question I cannot answer
> by myself.
> TFileStream in mode fmOpenWrite does not set its size
> to current position when it is destroyed. Won't it make
> sense to set stream size explizitely to the current position
> in the FtpCli/FtpSrv when data connection is closed
> (although I guess that it won't work in D2 since method
> Size exists since D3)?
> What do you think?

I think that I don't undestand why you have to set the size of the 
TFileStream when it is destroyed. Do you mean it could be smaller than his 
previous size when resuming a transfert ? I don't think so.

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