> This maybe a little OT but it's related to the use of ICS.

Not OT at all !

> I have some real-time data generated by my application that I'd like
external users to be able to view in the form of a web page.  My web
programming knowledge is scant to say the least.  I know I can use the
HttpServ component to create the server but that then uses static
directories and files to serve the web pages.  Am I correct in assuming I
must constantly update these files with the real time data  or is there
another way?

You are wrong. ICS HTTP server is really designed to provided dynamic
content. It support HTML templates which can be filled at runtime with
dynamic content. WebServ demo show how to do it. Use latest ICS release or
even V6-beta because there where a lot of new features last year.

In the demo (WebServ1.pas) have a look at CreateVirtualDocument_Template()
and CreateVirtualDocument_ViewFormData() which are two very simple use of
the template feature.

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